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Fuel Additives


Quality Products for Optimum Performance

The best defense against fuel related trouble is preventative maintenance.  At Kath Fuel Oil Service Co., we offer a complete line of fuel additives to handle your fuel and tank maintenance needs depending on your application. 

If you encounter an issue with your tank or fuel condition we provide additives that take corrective action and alleviate the problem.  Identifying the severity and recommended course of action is a function of our fuel analysis testing. 


With our industry knowledge and professional experience, we continually work to provide you with products and services that create optimal efficiency and reliability for your operation. 


Our fuel additives include the following applications:

  • Cold flow additives for extreme climates to help combat cold weather related issues inherent in diesel fuel

  • Optimizing additives to provide premium protection and increased performance and efficiencies of diesel fuel

  • Stability additives to provide protection for those applications that call for long-term storage of diesel fuel

  • Biocides to help tackle problems associated with microbial growth in diesel fuel

  • Moisture control additives to handle those problems associated with water in diesel fuel

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